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Carlo Colombo  approaches the piano at the age of fourteen, beginning the classical music studio. Towards the end of the 1980s he began with rock formations as a keyboard player and founded in 1989 the H.S.H. band, experimental rock formation with which he won the first prize at the Independent Video Festival in Monza, sez. Videoclip, with the song “Teletext”. For a year she was pianist of the duo of cabaret “Caffè Sconcerto” who brought him around Italy in various shows. Parallel to experimental rock and cabaret, Colombo continues piano study and approaches jazz thanks to a scholarship won in 1992 that leads him to a full-immersion of four months studying with world-class jazz musicians such as Harold Danko, Mark Egan, Vic Juris, Maurizio Caldura, Ares Tavolazzi, Bruno Cesselli and others. At the end of the 90′s she began her career as author, publishes five CDs and won in 2003 the “Gondola d’argento” in Venice with the song “The Intellectual in August” Today, besides the Italian swing design project, he collaborates as a pianist and composer in various formats ranging from swing to electronic music, pop and more. From 2013 he is director and arranger of the “Portobuffolè Swing Orchestra”. With the brand “Officine Golob” produces in his studio soundtracks and soundtracks. His music catalog is featured on many soundtracks: Pond5, Getty Images Music, Crucialmusic, Intervox, etc. In 2015, he joined the composer team of “Pong Ping”, a Finnish interactive music video game library. In the same year he composed the music and sound design for the game for the oasteroid visualizer Vrasteroid produced by Spinvector Spa, for the same company he cares for the sound design for the “Torre San Mauro” installation at San Mauro Forte-MT. Since 2016 he has joined the “Bat Meeting” video game development team as a creative, composer and sound designer.